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The Journal of Sports History (TJOSH) aspires to be just that, a credible scholarly journal covering the topic of sports history.

The articles posted on this site will be carefully written, edited, and properly sourced. However, as with any specialization of history, one person can not master every area.

Because of that, TJOSH will depend on community participation. If you are a fellow historian, an avid sports fan, or both, please feel free to send us your submission for consideration.

Please be advised that TJOSH will never publish your article without first discussing it with you to determine how you'd like to be cited. Also, if a submission is not properly sourced or plagiarizes others' work, it will be promptly removed and no further submissions will be accepted from the offending author.

If the work or article appears elsewhere in print or online, please alert us to that fact upon submission as well.

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